Silicon carbide graphite crucible

Our silicon carbide graphite crucible has the following characteristics :

1.Higher thermal conductivity : Shorten the time of smelting , save energy ;

2.Higher strength : Shaped by isostatic pressing , internal structure without defects , high physical strength ;

3.Better oxidation resistance : Unique antioxidant design , and use high purity raw materials to protect graphite , high oxidation resistance ; It ' s 5~10 times of ordinary graphite crucible .

4.Anti erosion : low porosity , special additives , effectively resist the corrosion of slag and other melts .

5.long life : Crucible ' s life can be 3-5times longer than normal graphite crucible .

Silicon carbide graphite crucible matching furnace type :

It can be used for gas producer , gas furnace , coke oven , oil furnace , resistance furnace , induction furnace , oil stove , biological pellet furnace , etc .

Silicon carbide graphite crucible application :

Melting gold , silver , copper , aluminum , lead , zinc and other non-ferrous metals , and medium carbon steel and all kinds of rare metal alloys .

The silicon carbide crucible can be applied to different processes in the non-ferrous metal industry .


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