Silicon carbide rods U type

  • Type:U
  • Outer diameter: OD, mm
  • Hot zone length: HZ, mm
  • Cold end length: CZ, mm
  • Overall length: OL, mm
  • Shank Spacing: A, mm
  • Bridge: D, mm


U type,OD=20mm,HZ=300mm,CZ=400mm,OL=700mm,A=60mm, Resistance2.24Ω

Specify as:Songshan Slica U, 20/300/400/60/2.24Ω

The silicon carbide heating element is a kind of non-metal high temperature electric heating element. It is made of selected super quality green silicon carbide as main material.which is made into blank,silicided under high temperature and re-crystallized. Compared with metal electric heating element,this kind of element is characterized by high-applied temperature,anti-oxidization,easy installation and maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in various high temperature electric furnaces and other electric heating devices, such as in the industries of magnet, ceramice, powder metallurgy, glass metallurgy and machinery,etc.

We adopt new production process of cold ends so that our SiC heating elements have more excellent specific rate of heat zone resistance and cold end resistance, saving energy, long life, avoiding over-temperature of cold ends to damage the furnace body. The commercial name of our SiC heating elements is Songshan Silca heating elements.


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